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  Fan Bios  Meet some of our Ballfest family

        Darlene Beckett  Grand Island, NY

        Kelly Louise Brown  Shropshire, England

        Linda Bates  Bromsgrove, England

        Sheila Savage  The Netherlands

        Theresa Storey  Beaumont, Texas

        Terri Ferguson  Truxton, New York

  Tiny Fan Short Stories  Small MB Fans DO Say and Do the Cutest Things!  NEW SECTION

  Jackie's Dictionary  My A, B, C's of Michael

  Margaret's Spell-Check Dictionary  Included with Margaret's permission


FAN'S PHOTOS About our photos and a small dedication.

    BFN Members  Photos and notes

    Clever Ideas Dept    NEW SECTION

    BF Teens  Some of our extraordinary younger members

    BF Teens 2 More stories and pictures

    BF Teens 3 Still more stories and pictures

    BF Couples  More proof that Michael's fans are not all women

    More Couples 

    BF  Wedding 1   Rich and Diane Stangle - July 10, 1999 - Winthrop, Massachusetts

    BF Wedding 2   Richard & Leslie Sy-Facunda - March 5, 2000 - Manila, Philippines

    Fan Pets    New Photo

    And More Fan Pets  New Page - New Photos 9/3/00

    BF Transportation  How to get to a Ballfest - A "just for fun" page

    Transportation 2


POETRY NOOK  Poems by some of Michael's fans

    Bernie's Poems

    Words From the Guys 

    Jackie's Poems      

    Jinty's Poems

    More Poems  Poems by other Michael fans

    And Songs  Old songs - new lyrics by Michael's clever fans



    Cabaret  Did you know that Jon Peterson once toured with Michael?

    Diane in Wonderland  NEW PAGE!

    Jekyll & Hyde

        Chuck Wagner  Star of many musicals

        Joey Mahowald  Joey is one of the soloists featured on the "Sondheim Tonight" CD

        Ray McLeod  The original Simon Stride, and more recently Juan Peron in "Evita."

        Rob Evan The first J&H "Matinee Guy"

        Robert Cuccioli  Original Broadway star of Jekyll & Hyde

        More J & H  Other people who are associated with or have been in "Jekyll & Hyde"

        J & H 2000  Renewing old acquaintances

    Scarlet Pimpernel  (I think this would be a great show for Michael too)

        Terrence Mann    New Page

        Douglas Sills

        SP in Sacramento  New Page

        SP in LA  New Photos added 8/25/00

        SP in Boston  New Page

    Greg Stone

        Les Miz with video clip of "Bring Him Home"

            Les Miz Photos

            Les Miz Reviews

        Miss Saigon

         Oklahoma  NEW PAGE, NEW PHOTO 9/2/00

        Kismet New Page, New Photos 9/3/00

        Jesus Christ Superstar  New Page

        Amahl and the Night Visitors  New Page

        Greg!  Updated

        Greg's Album  From Greg's personal collection

        Fan Photos New Photos

    S.T.A.G.E.  Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event (A favorite benefit concert) 

        Stage 1998  Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends

            S.T.A.G.E. 1998 Cont'd

            Program & Notes

            1998 Photos

        Stage 1999  Adler, Bock and Coleman

            1999 Program

            1999 Review

            1999 Photos

        Stage 2000  Charles Strouse, Arthur Schwartz and Stephen Schwartz

            The Program

            Margie's Review 3

            Margie's Review 4

            STAGE 2000 Pics 1

            STAGE 2000 Pics 2

    David Burnham 

        David's Photos

        David's Credits


WARNING LABELS  By some of Michael's fans (with permission of contributors)

    Warning Labels Continued  We have our first new warning today - 9/5/00 - Now, send along your own original warning for this popular page!


LINKS  Pages and mailing lists related to Michael and Ballfesting







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