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BALLFEST USA (continued)

    Chicago, Illinois  Chicago, Illinois  Ballfesting in the "Windy City"

        Chicago Part 2

        Chicago 1998

        Chicago 1999

        Chicago 2000

    Culpeper, Virginia

        Biff's Place

    Little Mikey's Ballfesting Adventures in America  Part One  NEW SECTION

        Little Mikey's Ballfesting Adventures in America  Part Two  NEW PHOTO and UPDATE 8/31/00

    New York City  Ballfesting on Broadway a time or two

        NYC Photos 1

        NYC Photos 2

        NYC Photos 3 

        NYC Photos 4

        NYC 2000  NEW PHOTOS

    Pittsburg, Pennsylvania  A Three Generation Family Weekend Ballfest Slumber Party

        Photos  More photos

    Plainfield, Indiana  Our First National Ballfest: Story, Reviews and photos

        Plainfield Page 2  More Photos

        Plainfield Page 3  Still More Photos

        Plainfield P 4

        Plainfield P5

        Plainfield P6

    Seattle, Washington  Ballfesting in the Emerald City

        Seattle Ballfesting    

        Seattle Ballfesting Cont'd

        Seattle Ballfesting Part 3

    Winthrop, Massachusetts 

        Diane & Rich Page 1

        Diane & Rich Page 2

        Diane & Rich Page 3


BALLFEST INTERNATIONAL  Ballfesting around the world


        Australian Fan Photos

        A Story and photos from Margaret

        Eileen  Misplaced File Found! (More photos to come soon!)

    Brazil  Ballfesting with Virginia

        Virginia meets Michael

    Netherlands  Ballfesting with Mark and Sheila

        Mark & Sheila Savage Photos from their private collection

        Amsterdam Ballfesting with Michael and a great photo story

    United Kingdom  

        Birmingham Photos


        Chippenham  A concert Review

        The Event The annual Michael Ball Fan Club gathering

        Faenol, Wales  August 27, 2000  NEW PAGE 8/31/00

    Ballfests in Other Lands  UNDER CONSTRUCTION


MICHAEL STUFF  No explanation needed here :-)

    Michael's Bio  (or here)

    Michaelful Pics 1  Miscellaneous photos

    Michaelful Pics 2  Royal Albert Hall 1999

    Michaelful Pics 3  More Miscellaneous Photos

    Michael Encounters Some great fan stories!





    Maryland Reviews  August 5, 2000

        Joni's Md PBS Adventure  August 5, 2000

        Ballfesting with Becky at PBS MD  NEW PAGE - New Photos

        Maryland PBS Cast List    August 5, 2000

    Washington, DC Reviews  August 6, 2000

        Washington, DC PBS Photos August 6, 2000

        More DC Photos  (Still under construction)

        DC PBS Cast List    August 6, 2000

    Long Island NY Reviews  and viewer response ~ August 8, 2000 More new reviews

        Long Island NY Photos Two fan groups meet and man the phones More new photos

        Long Island with Linda Z  New Page - New Photos

    Detroit  Michael in Michigan ~ August 9, 2000

    Hartford, Connecticut ~ August 10, 2000

        Hartford, Connecticut Photos ~ August 10, 2000

        Having a Ball in Connecticut with Linda Z  NEW PAGE

    PBS Feedback new additions

    Viewer/Fan Feedback new additions



    How I Discovered Michael Ball  By some of Michaels fans

        Jackie Evans  Washington State, USA

        Jay  Maine, USA

        Jo Ann  Maine, USA

        Joan Arthur California, USA

        Lillian  California

        Marie  The United Kingdom

        Teresa Cigic (Virginia USA) and Linda Z (New Jersey USA)  New Page

        Theresa Storey  Texas, USA

        Trudy Bradburne  East Yorkshire, England






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