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Combining our love for both Theatre and Ballfesting has given us a chance to meet some wonderful people both on and off stage and led me to a new hobby which I call "Stagedooring."

Collecting autographs or hanging out at stage doors, is something I had not done since I was a very young girl, when collecting stars autographs was a really popular thing to do.  It seems to be becoming popular again - and just as much fun as ever. 

I have always collected our playbills, tickets and programs and started collecting fridge magnets - especially those with show logos on them - just a few years ago.  I also have a few of those brass theatre tickets that some of the concessionaires are offering at some of the shows.

I haven't figured out just why some stars and some stage doors seem to attract me, and others don't...but it all started when I met David Burnham.  And it started with a rose W

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