Ballfest USA
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Ballfesting is for everyone

No matter who you are,

No matter where you live

Or whether near or far.


From Bremerton to Winthrop

And in cities in-between,

Ballfests dot the countryside

They've created quite a scene.


Try meeting on the telephone

Or maybe at the gym.

Just plan to meet another fan,

Someone who's heard of "HIM."


I've Ballfested at the laundromat

And on a moving train,

At concerts and at musicals,

And sometimes in the rain!


So call a friend, and set a "date"

To have a "Michaelful" day.

Just plan to have a lot of fun

Ballfesting in your very own way.


We have a lot of stories here

And pictures we can share 

We hope you will enjoy them all

Next time, we hope you're there!


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