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Our Warning Labels:


WARNING:            Make sure you have a boyfriend - no, make it a husband - before you ever hear or lay eyes on Michael.  Being single it will be impossible to ever look at another man again without comparing him to Michael.  The chances of your husband-to-be standing comparison are less than zero.  




WARNING:            If you do travel from the four corners of the world to see this person, you 

don't want to go back home again because you can't stand the thought of missing out on all the other shows he will be appearing in.  Once home your husband has to put up with a manic 





WARNING:            After attending a MB concert - do not look at your photos for longer than 1 hour per day for the first month or depression may set in.  




WARNING:            If Michael Ball has recorded the song already - forget attempting to sing it 

pal - you ain't got a chance.  Its been done by the best.




WARNING:            This person is dangerously habit forming.  Symptoms of this highly contagious 

condition include a high state of excitement, obsessive behavior, wishful thinking, over-active 

imagination, and the desire to travel from the four corners of the earth whenever this person is 

performing at any location, any time and anywhere.  Addiction may be permanent, beyond cure and has been known to cause its victims to react strongly to the sound of his voice, a glimpse of 

a dimple...or even the mention of his name.  




WARNING:            Once you get your hands on a Michael Ball tape - you had better buy back-up 

tapes or cd's as the first ones are going to get worn out from so much play time.




WARNING:            Not only is Michael responsible for no-one ever being able to do justice to any 

song that he has sung before, now he is responsible for all the single women on the list not being 

able to find a partner because no man could ever compare to Michael. How much responsibility 

does Michael have to bare????  




WARNING:            None of the guys I see can even come close to Michael.  Especially the ones 

my age (15).  It just isn't fair to all of those other guys out there.  


Kellie Jean

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  WARNING:            Getting to know the work of this man will result in a significant reduction in 

"spare time" as a compulsion will develop for listening to his music, watching his videos, or 

searching the net for news about him will become a "must do" part of your daily routine.  


Eileen K.


WARNING:            Once infected with the Michael virus, you hope that there is never a cure.  



^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WARNING:            When you fall into Michael's trance you will get infuriated at or with anyone who does not know who he is.  You will want Michael to be loved by the whole world and won't be able to understand why he isn't.  You will find that his charm is contagious and wins new fans easily!!  




WARNING:             Hey guys I have found a cure for overeating- go to a Michael Ball concert!!!! 

am still so excited that I haven't felt hungry all day- which for me is a miracle, in fact I had to force 

myself to eat anything, also have been dancing around my living room to the musicals video, so 

that should lose a few more pounds !!!!!  Love,


Nicky- a bit thinner and still smiling


WARNING:             Once you have seen/fallen in love with Michael Ball, no musicals will ever have the same affect on you because you will constantly think this Marius/Alex etc is not as good as Michael. Or if it is a role he has never played you will become obsessed with how marvelously he would sing all the songs.  

Not that this has ever happened to me of course ;-)  




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