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BALLFEST PLACE  Welcome to the World of Ballfesting ~ Our Home Page



    Michael Ball

    Remembering Philip

    Monica Dillan


DEFINITIONS  What exactly is a Ballfest anyway? 

    The BallfestNews  About our newsletter

    Our Logo  About the "First Love" Rose

    BF Endorsements 


ARCHIVES  Early History: Ballfesting and Mine  

    Ballfest History  An Overall View of Ballfesting

        Local History  Where it all began: Bremerton and Seattle, Washington

        Local Pics  Bremerton & Seattle

        International Guests  Virginia Nabut from Brazil

        Linda's Visit  Linda Bates came from England

        California Ballfest History  Early Ballfesting in Southern California

        Cal Photos  From our California Ballfest Archives

        Cal Photos2

    Our Family

        About Me   ... and our family too

        Family Album  Our children, grandchildren and even our pets

        Jeff  Our oldest son

             Chaucer's Page Chaucer's Page Jeff's Norwich Terrier New Photo added 

        Scott  Our middle son 

        Scott 2  Scott's family

        Philip Page 1  Philip and Nicki remembered

        Philip Page 2  A photo collection 

        Philip Page 3  A photo collection continued

        Philip Page 4 

    Project Debbie  About Project Debbie - A Ballfest International Project


Ballfest USA  Stories and Photos from Ballfests in America

    Along The Way  Ballfesting by train, automobile, etc.

    Bremerton, Washington  Where Merrill and I live - The northwest home of Ballfesting

        Bremerton Ballfesting  With Leslie & Richard Sy-Facunda - April, 2000 

        Bremerton Photos   

    California North  Currently our largest active Ballfest Group

        Modesto Feb, 2000  A 17 Hour Ballfest!

        Modesto April 2000  Ballfesting with Joan

        Kathey's Ballfestin' Photos  Features photos from Feb 2000 and July 2000  NEW PAGE

        Rohnert Park  January, 2000 by Terri

        Rohnert Park  January, 2000 by Lillian

        San Francisco Regional BF Part 1  Journal: Ballfesting with the Scarlet Pimpernel

        San Francisco Regional BF Part 2  Journal Part 2

        San Francisco Regional BF Part 3  Journal: Stage Dooring Story and Pictures  

        SF BF Dinner  SF Bay Area Regional Ballfest Dinner - April 2000 Photos

        SF BF Dinner 2  More Photos

        SF BF Dinner 3  and more Photos

        SF BF Dinner 4  Still more Photos

        Stagedooring Photos  After dinner activities: More Stage Dooring Photos

        Ballfesting with Gail Part 1  Gail's San Francisco Scarlet Pimpernel Adventures   NEW PAGE

        Ballfesting with Gail Part 2  Gail's San Francisco Scarlet Pimpernel Adventures-Part 2    NEW PAGE


    California South  Land of sunshine, beaches, deserts, Hollywood, and major Ballfesting!

        Los Angeles  and San Diego - February 1999

        Los Angeles Photos Feb 99

        Los Angeles  My Ballfest Journal - Wear your sunglasses!

        LA BF Dinner Photos  Photos from my journal

        Margie's Review Page 1  Story and photos - Ballfest Dinner (March 2000)

        Margie's Review Page 2  Story and photos - Dinner (continued)

        L.A. BF Luncheon  Ballfesting at Lunch w/Margie

        Los Angeles Ballfest - The Sequel  A Post-Ballfest Ballfest

        Los Angeles July 2000 Seeing old Ballfesting pals again!

        A Letter

        Palmdale Ballfesting with Terri and Maria