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This section is for photos of Michael's fans, Ballfest fans and some of the things we've been doing over the Ballfesting years.  

I chose this photo for this particular cover page, for several reasons - but mostly because I feel it represents a great many things that to me are typical of Ballfesting.

It was taken at Ballfest 99, it shows Linda Bates (from England) and me (from the USA), and also something of the age range of Michael's fans.  Linda has her camera, Merrill took this particular picture.   Pictures have been a part of Ballfesting for me, since day one.  It features a big hug (one of my "trademarks" for sure.)  It also shows Michael, a bit of blue, friendship, love, caring, and sharing a moment together.  It even shows both smiles and tears - if you look closely.

The picture is completely un-retouched, and I think it also symbolizes that Ballfesting - like friendship -  lights up the darkness a bit.

For me - this is a perfect picture of the vision of Ballfesting that I had in mind from the very beginning.  People brought together through and/or because of Michael Ball.

Linda and I have been friends for a long time now, she has been a visitor in our home, we have seen each other through some truly difficult times, we share our love for Michael and for musical theatre.  She jumped in with both feet at nearly the last minute, to take over the responsibilities for the entertainment portion of Ballfest 99 when the then chairperson was no longer available.  She was one of my first "Michael friends", and this page is dedicated to both Linda and to Ballfesting.

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