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  Our First International Guest was Virginia, from Brazil     W


Bremerton, January 1998




Actually, we have had three International Ballfests here in Seattle...The first was in January, 1998 when Vi visited our local group from Brazil...then in March of '98, Kathy Kitao visited from Japan...and lastly, Linda Bates came in July from England and spent a week with us, and we had a really nice picnic/barbecue party at that time.


You can't imagine how happy I am about all of this.   We  had 12 people at our biggest Seattle Ballfest in 1998 - and it was a long way from that first little get- together that Crys, Merrill and I had at our local laundromat!  Read more about Virginia in the Ballfest International Brazil Section.


                                                                         Hugs, Jackie

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