Ballfesting with Gail
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Ballfesting with Gail 

~* Douglas Sills *~

and The San Francisco Bay Area Ballfest Group!

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Stagedooring at The Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Friday, April 7, 2000

(1) Douglas Sills & Alison Rieger    

(2) Ali and Lillian Park

(Jackie and Merrill stayed in the car, in order to surprise Douglas on Saturday)


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Riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to San Francisco

Saturday, April 8, 2000

 Merrill Evans, John Rieger


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In the restaurant lobby before our San Francisco Regional Ballfest Dinner

(1) Jackie & Merrill Evans, Jean Van B with some of the "Care Package for Douglas" stuff

(2) John Reiger, Kitty Hixenbaugh

(3) Joan Arthur with granddaughter Rebecca


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Ramada Plaza Hotel's Market Street Grill

San Francisco Bay Area Regional Ballfest Dinner Party

April 8, 2000

We had a whole section of the restaurant to ourselves, and filled 3 large tables.

Jackie distributed our Scarlet Pimpernel Name Badges and Buttons, and we put together the Care Package for Douglas.

Dinner, conversation and camaraderie was wonderful, and we were invited to return next year for our annual Bay Area Ballfest Dinner!


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Our Bay Area Ballfest Group

After a great dinner 


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Stagedooring with William Paul Michals

(1) Some of our group 

(2) Same group - minus Liza, plus Terri

(3) William was happy to sign our programs

(4) Fiona Moore, William with a carnation from our "Flower Shower"


~ and FINALLY ~

 ~* Meeting Douglas Sills *~

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This Page dedicated to Gail Reiger and the Bay Area Ballfest Group

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