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Welcome to my  Page!

(I figure if Lucy Sills can have her own page, why not Chaucer Evans?)



My name is Chaucer Evans, I'm a Norwich Terrier, and I'm one year old.  I live with my person in Los Angeles, California.  My person is Jeff Evans, but I sorta call him "arf" which means dad in puppy talk.  I was born in Oregon, and dad brought me home on an airplane.  He also took me to see his mom and dad.  Everyone says I am a very good boy.  My favorite pastimes are giving puppy kisses (also known as lick-licks) and chewing and I am quite good at both.

"Chaucer the crossing Guard"

This is me, warning dad to stop, look and listen

before crossing the street!


(This photo is from my "Baby Puppy Album")


I met "Little Mikey" when Jeff's folks came to visit us in July of this year.  Little Mikey went on a very long train trip with his persons and you can read all about it on Little Mikey's very own page.


Right now my grandma hasn't got many pictures of me ~ I think she must have used all her film taking pictures of my cousin Biff, Greg Stone and her other friends all over the country.  I will have dad send along some good ones soon.


Aside from those great ones photos of me on dad's page, these are  all there are right now:


This is me, checking out my treat


I recently learned the word down, and this is me practicing.

My cousin Biff lives in Culpeper, Virginia with Jeff's Aunt Karen and Uncle AC.  Jeff's mom and dad just visited them in July, and took some pictures to show me, and I want to share them with you too.  Little Mikey went along and also has pictures to share.

By the way, I love balls, any sort of ball~ tennis balls, baseballs, soccer balls and especially Little Mikey Ball.


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