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San Francisco, California

January 31, 2000


Wanted to send a short review of the BallFest that Lillian, Liza, Gail and I had on Saturday.  It's taken me until Monday morning to get over the day.

Lillian and Gail picked me up and we drove up to Liza's place.  During the 45 minute drive to Liza's place, I introduced myself as Gail and Lillian had met before and we got to know each other.  We arrived and started the party by ordering pizza.  We then dove into looking at everyone's Michael items like magazine and newspaper articles, pictures, playbills, concert programs, books on Aspects of Love, etc.  We watched hours of video tapes with the last one being his Royal Albert Hall concert.  We laughed and shared stories.  After about 8 hours of talking about, drooling over and watching Michael, we go  out to eat dinner.  And then the Ballfest is over and suddenly I'm home wondering where the day went.  It went by so fast.

It was wonderful to share my love of Michael who, in my opinion, has the greatest voice on the planet, with people who can relate to how I feel.  I can't wait to do it all over again as I had the best time ever.

Take care!
Terri :)


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