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Part One


The original Ballfest Newsletter was an idea totally and completely my own, and was sent out for a year or so by me via mass-mailing as I had no idea about how to have an on-line mailing list.  Ballfest 99 in Indiana was originally planned solely for the purpose of taking a Ballfest to a friend who was unable to attend a Ballfest held in Chicago the previous year. 

For a couple of years, I had been sending out info re Michael such as some of Michael's radio and television interviews, how to get an autographed photo, how to join the Michael Ball Fan Club and whatever else I had on file, and exchanging addresses and other info via the newsletter, as none of that was allowed on the original MB list at that time, nor did the MBFC mailing list exist back then.


The purpose of the BallfestNews community is the distribution of information concerning Ballfests, our history, purpose, newsletter, news, Ballfest souvenirs and includes a geographical roster, birthday list, card exchange, poetry book project, BC/EFA and a variety of special projects.  From time to time, there will also be members bios, and other information to help Michael Ball fans get to know each other better, either by mail, or at local, regional, national or international Ballfests.

"Ballfest" is a term that was originated by me and another MB fan several years ago to describe a get-together we were planning.  It seemed like a nice term, and was chosen without the permission or sanction of anyone.  It can't be copyrighted nor does it belong solely to me.  "Michaelful" is another term I also coined, but it too does not belong to me - exclusively or otherwise :-)

A lot of work went into Ballfest 99, by myself and several friends, and many others who joined us along the way.  It eventually grew into quite a lovely event which included a raffle and an auction to raise some funds for ROC, a talent show, several dinners and the formation of many friendships.

I hope and plan to continue with Ballfests and Ballfesting as long as I getting together with other fans whenever and wherever possible, and encouraging others from all over the world to do the same thing, any time any two people want to get together in Michael's name and share info, photos, news, stories or whatever.  This might be just two people sharing a cup of coffee or 50 or more meeting for a weekend or to see a show, watching MB videos and especially for just having a good time.
I hope you will all send me any reviews and/or pictures of any Ballfests you have had in your own areas, so that others can share in them if only by newsletter and/or this Website.   Hopefully Ballfesting will continue to grow into the worldwide circle of friends I had hoped would be formed when Ballfesting began nearly three years ago...and as it is continuing to do right up until this minute.

Towards that end, my husband Merrill has joined me as a co-owner and moderator who can keep things going should I become ill or be away.

Looking forward to seeing each of you at some future time and place,

Love and hugs,
Jackie :-)


 Part Two


Currently I own and maintain four Michael Ball/Ballfest related mailing lists.  They are


(1) The BallfestNews: An announcement type list as described in Part One


(2) BallfestNewsNYC:  An interactive list for people in NYC or nearby who want to participate in local Ballfesting. It is an easy way to discuss things among the group and pass out info to everyone at the same time.


(3) BayAreaBallfestNews: An interactive list for people in Northern California who want to participate in local Ballfesting.  It is an easy way to discuss things among the group and pass out info to everyone at the same time.


(4) BallfestNews LA.: Same thing for the Los Angeles, California area.


The purpose of the four lists is to further promote friendships, Ballfesting and ~hopefully~ more of a "family feeling" of closeness and understanding among Michael Ball and musical theatre fans everywhere.  


Our Geographic Roster will help participants find others in their own general geographic areas and help in planning their own mini, local, regional Ballfests, or arranging get-togethers as part of future travel plans.  A Ballfest can be as simple as a phone call or a local or regional email network, or sharing tapes by mail - as our members in Australia are doing.  Let's make Ballfesting a world wide daily event...join our roster, invite your friends, introduce Michael to everyone you know...and as many of us already know, the connections to Michael are everywhere if you think about it and look around you.


We also have a Birthday Greetings List


Joining either listing does not obligate you to DO anything...they are only a couple of very simple ways of getting to know each other better, which on an announcement type list might otherwise be impossible.


Living in the Pacific Northwestern section of the USA, Rachel, Merrill and I are not going to be seeing Michael on a daily, weekly, monthly or even an annual basis ~ however ~ through Ballfesting, we have met people who have worked with Michael, met Michael, seen Michael perform in a musical or at one or more concerts, and finding those links has become a wonderful and interesting hobby for us, and a great way to meet new friends, MB fans and share in the experiences of others.  Try it...we think you might find it to be quite a lovely thing to do!


Hugs, and have a Michaelful day!


Jackie :-)


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