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April 30, 2000

Mesa, Arizona



I knew I was doing the right thing by sending you a letter. I have gotten so much response from it already, what can I say but thank you, and thank you to our "family of fans"! The good wishes and prayers in our behalf have overwhelmed me! What a wonderful support system we have, (as I know YOU already know!!) Thank you for helping me to spread the word. Our children are our most precious commodity, and the angels on loan from God need our help and protection!
Thank you so much, I know you work hard and have so much to do, other than help me!!

Love, Tammy

p.s. Amy's hair is growing back FINALLY!!
My mother in law's heart was damaged by the chemotherapy, but she is feeling a bit better and the cardiologist says its pretty normal for that to happen and all should be well!


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