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To; Jackie Evans & Bay Area BALLFEST News Subscribers,,,,,,,,

The San Francisco BALLFEST get together,,,,, April 8th,,, "WOW",,, What a Day and Night and Day and Night,,,, Thanks to all the people who helped put it together, It was a lot of work, and really worth it,, Jackie, You are really Special,, Sharing all your wonderful stories about Douglas Sills and the Cast members, and what a doll, Very, Very, Nice, And the Show as you promised was GREAT,,, JUST GREAT,,

Douglas makes the show ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ And so does William, and what a voice,,,, I got a chance to talk to both Douglas & William, And also had my picture taken with them separately . And were they all surprised at the end of the Show, to be showered by all those pretty Red & White Carnations, that we threw from the first, second and third rows,,

Well Jackie has told most everything about the three BALLFEST Days, in detail, And it was,,, "FUN< FUN< FUN" ,,,,,,, Then on Sunday it was more FUN, When we gals got together At Joan’s House, for some "To Die for Michael Ball Video’s and Photo’s"

And with lots to Eat and Talk about, The time flew by, Then it was time for Jackie and Gail to leave for home,,,,, BOOHOO,,, We were just getting started.

GAIL, a "BIG THANK YOU" for all your Help,,,, I know how hard you worked, What with Show Tickets, the Restaurant, Etc, Etc, Etc,,,,,,,,

HAVE A MICHAELFUL DAY,,,,,,,, Always; Jean Van Buskirk


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