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Well, it was fun.  Bye.

Okay, okay. . .

Gail, Terri, and I brought our collection of MB paraphernalia over to Liza's in Sonoma county. It was a beautiful drive on a gorgeous day.  It was lovely. Fab, even.

As usual, I was running late in picking up Terri.  Gail was ever so nice. She was responsible and arrived early -- only to catch me half dead when I opened the door.  Gail was worried and asked if I were all right.  I reassured her and told her I always look dead that early in the morning.  (Okay, so I partied a little too hard the night before. . .)

When we finally arrived over to Liza's, we called her on Gail's cell phone to let her know we had arrived.  Oh yeah, we got lost before we arrived at Liza's but that was quickly rectified.  Then we proceeded to get lost at the complex.  We called Liza and got lost again.  We arrived at her apartment, but no Liza.  She walked out to meet us and somehow we managed to miss each other.  A little bit of the Three stooges going on.

I brought over my Scarlet Pimpernel program to show off Douglas Sills.  Liza quickly agreed to come that night to see him and drag 4 more people so we can have a group discount.  He is soooooooooooooooooooo good-looking.  Jackie, how can I keep him?

We poured over everything and watched some videos.  All four of us agreed that the editing job of his concerts were horrible.  Who cares about the dancers and the cameramen!!!!  MB every time!  The three of them spent a lot of time laughing at me because I kept on wailing, "They're missing the best part!  Lower!  Lower!"  As if by sheer force of will I could make the camera go down lower and capture his hip swivels.  Man, oh, man can Michael be sooooooo sexy.  Gail kept on telling me to calm down.

Terri, for someone who hasn't known MB very long, didn't take too long to jump in whole hog. She's a member of the fan club and got all sorts of nice stuff.  I need to join (forgive me, but I never seem to have the $, then again, it was all going into e bay buying MB stuff, so perhaps not such an egregious error).

We didn't leave until l0 pm.  Time flew.  I'd write a better write-up but I'm still behind from all the work I didn't do over the weekend.

Love and looking forward to April,


Note: Thanks for sharing Lillian...I feel certain your story will be an inspiration for future Ballfesting in other areas!  Jackie :-)

 This page is dedicated to my long-time good friend and Ballfest Buddy - Lillian Park

- Friends Always-


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