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December 2, 1999

I have a letter from Debbie Krupa, another BFN list member, to share.  For many of you, this will be the finale of an earlier project, to anyone who has joined us after mid-June of 1999, it will be an ending without a beginning.

So -  to catch you all up, "Project Debbie" began when Debbie Krupa was the victim of a burglary earlier in 1999.  Along with all the household belongings, all of her Michael things were taken, and  through the generosity of many of you, a huge collection of Michael tapes, videos, CDs and assorted memorabilia was collected for her.  Since this happened just prior to Ballfest 99, there was a temporary delay in getting everything gift-wrapped, identified with the name and email addresses of the donors, and shipped off to New Jersey, where our Special Projects Chairperson was prepared to play "Summer Santa" and deliver (armed with camera and film) the rather large box of things to Debbie.  Illnesses, hurricanes and several family problems interfered with that plan, which was finally scrapped and UPS became the substitute Santa of the day...

Debbie would like to finish the story for you now, and I have included her letter, which was sent individually first to all those generous caring donors...

Remember to have a Ballfest every chance you have...

Love, hugs and God bless...Jackie 

Dear friends,



There's a Miracle called Friendship
       That dwells within the heart
And you don't know how it happens
       Or when it gets it's start.....

But the happiness it brings you
       Always gives a special lift,
And you realize that   "Friendship'
       Is God's Most Precious Gift!!

        author unknown


I saw this poem in a book I have and immediately knew that it would convey how much you all mean to me.  You have all touched my heart so deeply that words could never express. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I never would have expected that from a robbery to my family home. But you all have shown me that there's a silver lining to it all.

When I first received the package with the items from Gill & Maureen, I was shocked by their generosity.  Little did I know what was to follow.

Due to many rough times that my entire family experienced this year, I was unable to meet Jackie in NYC or attend the Ballfest.  Patty & I spoke but no date was set for us to meet. When a date was finally set I caught the flu. Then being the wonderful person I am I shared the flu with my mother & my brother. Needless to say the scheduled meeting with Patty had to be postponed.  During this time at the end of my flu followed by an acute attack of sinusitis the UPS truck came.  A large, huge , box was delivered.  I had been given little hints that a Ballfest project was done for me but NEVER would I have imagined or expected so many things. Most especially since some of you I haven't directly corresponded with. ( I hope that changes)

Your generosity was totally overwhelming. As I started to open the package my mom grabbed her camera. Soon I'll send pictures to Jackie to scan for you all to see. ( I just hope I don't look too sick in them)  By the time I emptied the box I was crying my eyes out. I can't express my gratitude enough to you. Somehow the simple words "THANK YOU"  just don't seem enough. I'd like to give each and every one of you a hug and hopefully someday I'll meet you all and be able to do that.  (Maybe at Ballfest 2000)  In the meantime I'll just say "I owe you one" 

You know so many stories are told on the news about all the crazy people on the internet and with e-mail. Well, we know this is true in certain cases. But for me I have "met" via e-mail and the internet the most wonderful people in the world. I never would have imagined that to happen just from liking Michael's music. I consider myself Blessed and consider you all an extension of my family.  Now if we can only get the entire world to hear Michael the world would have peace all around.

Thank you all for all you have done for me. I will treasure these gifts forever.

Love & big hugs to all,
Debbie Krupa

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