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Capt. Clark
Thursday March 20th 1806 [Homeward Bound]

Altho we have not fared SumptuouslyReturning Home Along
The Columbia River this winter & Spring at Fort Clatsop, we have lived quit as comfortably as we had any reason to expect we Should; and have accomplished every object which induced our remaining at this place except that of meeting with the traders who visit the enterance of this river. our Salt will be very sufficient to last us to the Missouri where we have a Stock in Store.- it would have been very fortunate for us had Some of those traders arrived previous to our departure from hence; as we Should then have had it in our power to obtain an addition to our Stock of merchandize, which would have made our homeward bound journey much more comfortable.

Big Game  (40)
Fish  (32)
Shellfish   (12)