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Fish Recipes

Capt. Clark
Tuesday March 4th 1806

The fresh sturgeon they Keep maney daysSturgeon
Columbia River
by immersing it in water. they Cook their Sturgeon by means of vapor or Steam... a brisk fire is kindled on which a parcel of Stones are Sufficiently heated, the Stones are So arranged as to form a tolerable leavel Surface, the Sturgeon which had been previously cut into large flaetches is now laid on the hot Stones; a parcel of Small boughs of bushes is next laid on, and a Second course of the Sturgeon thus repeating alternate is next covered closely with mats and water is poared in Such manner as to run in among the hot Stones, and the vapor ... cooks the fish. the whole process is performd in an hour and the Sturgeon thus Cooked is much better than either boiled or roasted.

The two best anadromous fish in the Northwest is the salmon and the steelhead.  The recipes are interchangeable for these two fish and they can be smoked, fried, broiled or baked.  The two best eating warmwater fish are the walleye and perch.  The sturgeon is both a landlocked and anadromous fish.  Its meat is much firmer than most fish and the taste is similar to that halibut.  The best saltwater fish other than salmon is halibut and ling cod.  Halibut makes an excellent fish chowder.  Shad and carp are bony fish, so if you don't like bones try walleye.

When preparing your meal it is essential to following safe food handling practices.  For more information click here to go to the section on Food Safety.