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NW Wild Game
Upland Game

Northwest Upland Game

Capt. Clark
Saturday March the 1st 1806

The Prarie Hen sometimes called the Grouse is peculiarly the inhabitent of the Great Plains of Columbia The Cock of the Plains is found in theChinese Ring-Necked
plains of Columbia and are in Great abundance from the entrance of the S. E. fork of the Columbia to that of Clark's river. this bird is about 2/3rds the size of a turkey. The large Black & White Pheasant is peculiar to that portion of the Rocky Mountains watered by the Columbia River. at least we did not See them untill we reached the waters of that river, nor Since we have left those mountains. they are about the Size of a well grown hen. The Small Speckled Pheasant found in the Rocky Mountains, and differ from the large black and white pheasant only in point of Size, and Somewhat in colour. it is scercely half the Size of the other

Upland game is plentiful and includes :

Forest Grouse (Blue, Ruffed and Franklin)
Prairie Grouse (Sharptail and Sage Grouse)
Chukar Partridge
Hungarian (Gray) Partridge
Quail (California and Mountain)
Turkeys (Merriam's, Rio Grande, Eastern)

At the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition six species of Grouse were the primary upland game birds in the Northwest.  Over the years game managers introduced other game birds including the Chinese (Ring-necked) pheasant, Chukar Partridge, Gray Partridge, California quail and turkeys.