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Handling Game Birds

Handling Game Birds
Handling Upland Game Birds and Waterfowl

Capt. Lewis
Sunday July 21st 1805.

We saw three swans this morning, which like theCanada Geese
geese have not yet recovered the feathers of the wing and could not fly we killed two of them the third escaped by diving and passed down with the current; they had no young ones with them therefore presume they do not breed in this country these are the first we have seen on the river for a great distance. we daily see great numbers of gees with their young which are perfectly feathered except the wings which are deficient in both young and old. my dog caught several today, as he frequently dose. the young ones are very fine, but the old gees are poor and unfit for uce.
Handling upland game birds and waterfowl is much easier than big game but timely field dressing is just as important.  The methods for field dressing and transporting harvested game birds varies if the temperature is above or below 40 degrees F and if the hunt is a day trip or an extended trip.   In all cases the primary objective is to keep the birds clean and cool.

The main decisions that need to be made during processing game birds is whether to pluck, skin or fillet them.  Once they are processed they can be cooked immediately or frozen for future use.

Detailed information on field dressing, transporting, processing and freezing game birds can be accessed by clicking on the above links for these topics.