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Handling Big Game

Handling Big Game
Field Dressing   |   Transporting   |   Processing   |   Freezing  
Handling Big Game

Field Dressing

All big game needs immediate field dressingDall's Sheep
after the harvest  to begin the cooling process for the meat. The guts including organs need to be removed and the cooling process started.   A major cause of spoilage of meat is the result of improper cooling of the animal.  Preplanning is essential and taking the right equipment for field dressing the game is as important as remembering your rifle.  


Transporting wild game from the point of harvest to the place where it will be processed varies significantly for each type of big game.  The one thing that is common for transporting all species of wild game is - it must be kept clean and as cool as possible.  An appropriately sized cooler or refrigerator or freezer must be used.


Some initial processing of the meat may be required at the harvest site or at camp followed by additional processing and freezing at the final destination.  If you decide not to process the meat yourself,  arrangement should be made with a commercial facilities.

Detailed information on field dressing, transporting, processing and freezing big game can be accessed by clicking on the above links for these topics.
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