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NW Wild Game

  Big Game

Northwest Big Game

Capt. Lewis
Saturday February 15th 1806.

The quadrupeds of this country from the Rocky Mountains to the pacific Ocean are 1st the domestic animals, consisting of theMountain Goats
horse and the dog only; 2cdly the native wild animals, consisting of the Brown white or grizly bear, (which I beleive to be the same family with a mearly accedental difference in point of colour) the black bear, the common red deer, the black tailed fallow deer, the Mule deer, Elk, the large brown wolf, the small woolf of the plains, the large wolf of the plains, the tiger cat, the common red fox, black fox or fisher, silver fox, large red fox of the plains, small fox of the plains or kit fox, Antelope, sheep, beaver, common otter, sea Otter, mink, spuck, seal, racoon, large grey squirrel, small brown squirrel, small grey squirrel, ground squirrel, sewelel, Braro, rat, mouse, mole, Panther, hare, rabbit, and polecat or skunk.

The Northwest has a large variety of big game due to the unique habitats offered by a wide range of topographical feature beginning with the Rocky Mountain and moving westward through high deserts, the Columbia basin, the Cascade Range, to the wet coastal evergreen areas and ending at the Pacific Ocean.   The Columbia River and the Snake River drain all of these lands and the varied habitat it supports:

Mule Deer
White Tail Deer
Black Tail Deer
Elk (Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt)
Antelope (Pronghorn)
Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goat
Black Bear
Grizzly Bear

Deer and Elk are the primary game animals that are harvested and the numerous recipes for these animals can be use for cooking antelope and moose.