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Wild Game Banquets

Capt. Clark
October 26th 1805

In the evening 2 Chief and 15 men came over in a Single Canoe, those Chf's proved to be the 2 great Chiefs of the tribes above, one gave me a dressed Elk Skin, and gave us Som deer meet, and 2 Cakes of white bread made of white roots, we gave to each Chief a Meadel of the Small Size a red Silk handkerchief & a knife to the 1st a arm ban & a pin of Paint & a Comb to his Son a Piece of riben tied to a tin gorget and 2 hams of Venison They deturmined to Stay with us all night, we had a fire made for them & one man played on the violin which pleased them much my Servent danced-

Wild Game Dinner

During the past 58 years the Richland Rod & Gun Club has held annual Wild Game Banquets which served wild game dishes made from big game, fish, and game birds harvested in the Northwest.  These banquets usually serve 200 - 250 people which consist of Club members and their guests.  All food preparation and cooking is done by Club volunteers. The menu for the 2012 Wild Game Dinner is shown below:
2012 Wild Game Dinner Menu

Hors D'oeuvres
Smoked Waterfowl, Upland Game Birds and Salmon
Whiskey Grilling Sauce Meatballs
Sweet & Sour Pheasant Legs
Teriyaki Skewered Venison
Hot Peppers
Various Game Sausages
Veggies, Cheese, Crackers and Relish Trays
Tossed Salad with Caesar Salad Dressing
Chefs Fish Chowder
Main Dishes
Roast Baron of Elk
Greaded Steak Surprise with Country Gravy
Venison Tamale Pie
Side Dishes
Green Beans with Onion & Bacon
Baked Potato
Dinner Roles
Soft Drinks, Water, Wine, Beer, Coffee
Cake & Venison Mincemeat Pie

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