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The Richland Rod & Gun Club  

This website is sponsored by the Richland Rod & Gun Club which is an organized group of hunters, fishermen, and conservationists who share a common interest in the outdoors.  Each year the Club participates in a number of work projects that improve wildlife habitat, educate young hunters/fisherman, and raise funds for Club projects.  For more information about the Club and events go to the Club's website.

Northwest Game Recipes

From Harvest to Preparing Wild Game for theTable

There is a large selection of wild game recipes available in cookbooks but quality and taste of the final dish is dependent on how the meat was managed beginning at the time of harvest and  during processing steps prior to cooking.   Proper handling of wild game before cooking is equally as important as selecting the best recipe.  This website contains over 130 recipes and discusses a number of important topics relating to:Old Glory

Preparing Wild Game
Food safety
Cooking methods
Handling Wild Game
Field dressing of game
Game transport
Wine, Beer & Wild Game
Pairing Wine & Beer with wild game dishes
Guidelines for selecting NW wine
Guidelines for selecting NW beer
Northwest Wild Game

Mt. Rainer, WA
In addition to containing many game recipes, this is a  "how to" site for young and new hunters/fishermen who want to know some basics on what to do from the time the game is harvested to the time it is consumed. It covers all types of game including big game, upland game, migratory waterfowl, fish and shellfish that are typically harvested in the Northwest.  The site includes a brief history of wild game in the Northwest.

Rattlesnake Mt., WA 
In The Background
The website also contains numerous excerpts from the Lewis and Clark Journals (1804 - 1806) which provides a perspective on subsistence living with total dependency on harvesting wild game.  Even though their mission was to explore and document the northwest, their day-to-day focus was on obtaining sufficient food to support the 30 man discovery team.  At times they found this to be very difficult.

Capt. Lewis
Saturday July 13th 1805 [Great Falls, Montana]

The hunters killed three buffaloe today which were in good order. the flesh was brought in dryed the skins wer also streachedfor covering our baggage. we eat an emensity of meat; it requires 4deer, anPacific Ocean
Elk and a deer, or one buffaloe, to supply us plentifully 24 hours. meat now forms our food prinsipally as we reserve our flour parched meal and corn as much as possible for the rocky mountains which we are shortly to enter, and where from the indian account, game is not very abundant.


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