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NW Wild Game

Northwest Waterfowl

Capt. Clark
Wednesday March 5th 1806.

The Aquatic Birds of this country or such as obtain their Subsistence from the water, are the large blue and brown heron, fishing Hawk,Mallard Ducks
blue crested fisher, Gulls of Several Species of the Coast, the large grey Gull of the Columbia, Comorant, loons of two Species, white and the brown brant, Small and large Geese, small and large Swans, the Duckinmallard, canvis back Duck, red headed fishing Duck, black and white duck, little brown Duck, Black Duck, two Species of Divers, blue winged teal, 14 and Some other Species of Ducks, two Species of Plevers

There is an abundance of migratory waterfowl in the Northwest including seven species of the Canada goose with the smallest being the Cackler and the largest is the "honker" which weighs from 8 to 12 pounds; and thirteen species of ducks.  The main waterfowl harvested are:

Canada Geese