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Cooking Methods

Camp Cooking

Capt. Lewis
Friday August 23rd 1805.

Their impliments for making fire is nothing more Llamas Packing Into
Elk Camp - Montana
than a blunt arrow and a peice of well seasoned soft spongey wood such as the willow or cottonwood. the point of this arrow they apply to this dry stick so near one edge of it that the particles of wood which are seperated from it by the friction of the arrow falls down by it's side in a little pile. the arrow is held between the palms of the hand with the fingers extended, and being pressed as much as possible against the peice is briskly rolled between the palms ...... they bring them back with a quick motion and repeat the operation till the dust by the friction takes fire ....... its astonished me to see in what little time these people would kindle fire in this way. in less than a minute they will produce fire.


The list of equipment for camp cooking is dependent Elk Camp Cook
Stove - Montana
on the length of time spent in the field and the type of meals to be prepared.  A simple checklist for camp cooking includes the following:

First aid kit
Drinking water
Fire starting material (matches)
Cooking utensils
- Pot for boiling water
- Cast iron frying pan
- Camp grill
- Skewers
- Cooking fork
- Spatula
Cooking oil
Hot pads and mitts
Wood stove
Cleaning supplies
Hand washing supplies
Food or a method to harvest wild game/fish
Stack of wood

The two main methods for cooking with a wood stove are frying and boiling.  If you plan to cook outside with a campfire you can grill in addition Cooking Grouse
Over Open Fire
to frying and boiling. Other method such as Dutch Oven baking and reflector ovens adds to the types of dishes that can be prepared.  The key to all these method is to get a proper fire burning and maintaining a steady heat.  Split hardwoods is the best for controlling the fire and providing a bed of hot coals which will give off constant heat.  To determine if the fire is at a cooking temperature, hold your hand at a point where the food would be cooked.  If you can hold it at that position for three seconds the fire is at a good level for cooking.

Any of the wild game recipes (e.g. deer, fish, upland game) which call for frying or grilling can easily be done over a campfire.  To simplify cleanup, fish and other meats can be wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked on a grill or place directly in the fire pit on the coals.