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Big Game Recipes

Capt. Lewis
Wednesday May 14th 1806.

Collins killed two bear this morning and was sent with Black Bear
two others in quest of the meat; with which they returned in the evening; the mail bear was large and fat the female was of moderate size and reather meagre. we had the fat bear fleaced in order to reserve the oil for the mountains. both these bear were of the speceis common to the upper part of the missouri. they may be called white black grzly brown or red bear for they are found of all those colours.

Venison is a term that applies to meat from deer, elk, moose, caribou and antelope; however, there are some differences in the meat.  Deer and antelope have meat that is lean and has a stronger venison flavor.  Elk and moose meat is mild with only a faint venison flavor and the meat can be substituted in most standard venison recipes.  Caribou meat is somewhat sweeter than other venison.

When preparing your meal it is essential to following safe food handling practices.  For more information click here to go to the section on Food Safety.

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