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"A True Heart"


by: Red ©

The passion and love that burns inside of me,
Yearns to be acknowledged and to be set free.
To be embraced and held tight,
To be shown affection all through the night.

For a heart that is true,
For a love to pull me through.
For a love that will never die,
Or cause me heartache or make me cry.

I don't want to waste any more time,
Looking for this love that is so hard to find.
I refuse to let my heart wither up and die,
And here lately no more tears can I cry.

My heart and faith must be blind,
Searching for this love that could be mine.
An endless love is what I'm dreaming,
But abandoned and defeated is what I'm feeling.

If you would just look deep into my eyes...
My love you surely cannot deny.
Look deep into my soul,
Warmth and passion you will know.

A heart that is always true,
Just reach out. It is there for you.
My love will always carry on,
And be the strongest love you've ever known.

By Terena ©

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