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Where do we go from here?, thats the question that is so severe. For neither you or I can know, What path we'll take or down what road we'll go?

The past few days my heart has been in such pain, yearning and longing to see you again. But yet I try my best to see, that these are the cards of life that have been dealt to me.

I know that you doubt my love for you, and you shouldn't because you don't even have a clue. What you mean to me, Isn't this strange? A great mystery.

Have I not held you tight in my embrace?, Kissed your lips and carassed your face?. Told you that you ARE my life, and that one day I would love to be your wife?.

Told you things no one else has ever known?. Is this not love that I have shown?. When I'm with you this cruel world exists no more, You are one of the reasons that I am living for.

I dont know what else I can do, To show you the love that I have for you. What can I do to make you believe in me?, What would open your eyes and help you see?.

I want you in my life more than I can say, And I'm sorry if it's wrong for feeling this way. I'm trying to have patience and think things out, But there seems to be no answers without a doubt.

Please hold on to the love you have for me, Don't give up, I'm making a plea. Lets try to live just one day at a time, Because the love and passion we have for one another isn't a crime.

When two people feel so strongly for one another such as we, Then evidently it is meant to BE!!!!!! and it will BE




Please don't forget me, It's easy to do when your so busy. You have your life and I have mine, But when you get a chance take the time.

To clear your thoughts and close your eyes, and think of me, don't say goodbye. I'm scared that you'll go on, And the love you have for me will be gone.

I know it's alot to ask for you to wait, and if you feel it's too hard, then don't hesitate. Then move on, I set you free, Just don't let everything die, keep a memory.

But there will always be a part in me, That will always love you and cherish the memories. The times we had together all alone, Will remain very precious and never be gone. We both have something to learn, Play with fire, and it will burn.

I guess I can never really get over you, Because our times together were too few. I'll always love you deep within my soul, and from this experience we can only grow.

If you do make this choice, My opinion has been voiced. I still want you to be my friend, And I guess with time my heart will mend.

You have a new future to look forward to, and this love and joy will be brought to you. Because it's very special and something that not everyone can give. So move on be happy and live.

Hold this gift deep in your soul, You will be a wonderful father this I know. Cherish every minute of your life. Make the mother of your son your wife.

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