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Here it is again its Christmas time, and life seems to be happy and just fine. Everyone is always in a hurry, Off to the malls and to the stores they scurry.

The Christmas lights blinking all around, Christmas wreaths and red velvet bows are everywhere to be found. The warm feelings we have inside, The happiness and peace makes us lift our heads with pride.

All the neatly wrapped presents under the tree, Makes the excitement build and we fill with glee. The year is about to come to an end, And as I take a moment I can't help but to think about my new freind.

The one who is helpless, lonely sitting at home, Whom on this joyous holiday is all alone. No friends or loved ones are around, No one who cares can be found.

What have I done for this one with whom I share my heart???. Have I done enough? Have I done my Part??.

Was I out shopping in their time of need?, Was I full of selfishness? Was I full Of GREED??. Where was I on this depressing day?, Was I at home being happy and gay?.

How can I say peace on earth and good will toward men???, If I was guilty of this awful sin.


I cherish every moment as if it were their last, I treasure Now and not the past. When I am there in their time of need, I try my best to plant a seed. and nurture it so it will take roots and grow, So it can be alive, and breathe, let life flow.

I hope that my new friend knows they are loved by me, Because I try to give my love to the best of my ability. On this wonderful Holiday and every day of the year, Let's try our best to fill someones heart and life full of cheer.

To let them know that they are the best!!!!, And that in your life they bring you happiness!!!. You don't have to be family to show love and to care, Give your love and in your life let them share.

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