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***** Our Poem*****
by RED ©

***** Our Poem ***** by Red©

My Darling you are my Angel sent from above,
To love me and cherish me and show me true love,

My heart aches from the love it holds for you,
And the words to express this are too few.

We are two souls bound and destined to be as one,
And in each others lives is where we belong..

Your're in my future you are whom I see,
I want you to grow old with me.

With you I want to share the good times and the bad,
With you I want to share the happy and the sad.

With you I want to spend every lasting memory,
You are what completes and makes ME.


Terena my darling, Rose's are red and Violet's blue,
Our love is honest and true.

To wake in your arms and to love you is bliss,
A love for all eternity I cannot resist.

You are my Godsend, a package of love,
Our love is forever babe it's written above.

I want you darling to love and to hold,
And see all the seasons together as we grow old.

No matter what happens our love will stand strong,
My darling Terena it's with you I belong.

This love we have will stand through the years,
Despite all the grief, the sadness and tears.

All of these words are straight from the heart,
I want us forever and never apart.

You are my only, my happiness and life,
Together as one, as husband and wife.


Awww wonderful Sweetheart you are the one that I adore,
And I want to love you forever and more.

Your heart is so loving and so true,
This my love is to me the beauty I've found in you.

Your love and trueness I have admired,
You've touched my soul and love you've inspired.

I will love you as if each day were my last,
Until the Earth comes to an end and time will pass.

Even then to Heaven I'll bring,
The happiness and joy you've given me to the king.

I'll thank my God for sparing an Angel from the Heavens just for me,
And the love in my heart for you he will see.

I just want to tell you these five words "Thank You for Loving Me",
Darling I promise I will love you for all eternity.


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