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You asked me what I seen in you, What do I see I haven't a clue. What do I feel??? I'm not for sure but I know it's for real.

I don't love you for the things you do, I love you because you are you. You are the sweetest person I've ever known, and my love for you I thought I have shown.

When you look at me with those dark brown eyes, My heart beats fast, and I want to cry. I know you mean what you say, When you stare so intensly at me that way.

I want to hold you so close and near, So you could comfort me and release my fear. I've tried to pour my heart out to you, and show you my feelings are very true.

I don't know what else I can say or do, to ease your mind, and make your worries few. I only have these few words to say, So I hope I have brightened up your day.

love me



When you look into my eyes what do you see?, Do you see love, peace or mystery?. When you look at me can you feel my heart?, Can you feel it falling apart?.

You have given me something I thought I'd lost, something I've been longing for no matter the cost. You make me feel so warm and gay, Like I'm in the sun on a hot summers day. When you hold me against your body so tight, I feel like a bird on its first flight. I could spread my wings and jump into the air, and close my eyes with no thoughts to spare.

When I look at your beautiful warm face, I think of your gentle touch and warm embrace. I cant help but wonder what I should do, Because I feel so special when I'm with you.

Weve went so far so fast, I can't help but wonder if it would last. Your lips so soft and inviting, I can't keep from kissing and softly biting.

I can talk to you about just anything, You listen. You dont treat me like just another fling. You make me feel young and attractive again, The way you make me feel Where do I begin???. Words just cannot express, you make me feel the very best!!!.

You feel so good inside of me, You make love to me so carefuly. With every touch and kiss, You turn me on, whoooo hoooo my mind is ablitz.

Can't you see what effect you've had in my life?, But I'm scared that I would just bring you heartache and strife. So try to forget about what we've done, And think of what joys in your life are to come.

Concentrate on what will be, And move on with your life I set you free. I don't want to cause you any more pain, Because for you there's nothing to gain.

You will always be in my heart, and in my memory

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