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Poems Written from the heart

This poem was written by me on a very depressing day, but it is from the bottom of my heart.



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My heart was broken today,
I've thought and thought of every way.
How can someone you love hurt you so bad?,
How can they bring you down to the pits of hell and make you feel so sad?.

I would defend my one and only love,
I would pet it and nurture it like an innocent white dove.
I would treasure my every thought of it and hold it near,
Every moment, every glance, every heartbeat, I would hold very dear.

I wouldn't want it to confront any more pain,
Because it's love I would only want to gain.
If it cried to me time after time,
That it needed to be loved it wanted to be mine.
I would tear out my heart and gently hand it over,
But instead it gets thrown down in the dirt and kicked over!!!!!

My one and only love means so much to me!,
I guess I just don't understand, I can't open my eyes and see.
What is it about me?,
I thought my love I had given so free.

I tried with all my might,
But there I go agian I've lost my sight.
What can you do to ease these sharp pains?,
How can you love ever again?.

How can you ever be able to trust and live again?,
How do you do it, I don't understand?.
What is it about me that is so bad?,
Happiness and love I thought I had.

I guess fools are always the blame,
Love and marriage goes up in a flame.
I guess the answers to these questions I will soon find out,
When I start over and can't dare start to pout.

When I lift my head in self assurance,
When I go on with my strength and endurance.
All I can say is pray for me every day,
So that one day I'll be happy and gay.

This poem was written in 1994

Reds Poems

Hope you enjoy my poems "They are written from the heart"

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