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That's All That Matters To Me

When I close my eyes and fall asleep,
You're inside me in my dreams,
In my heart you're always there
And will forever and always be.

When I open my eyes,
I see your face.
I feel your gentle kiss,
And warm embrace.

The way you make me feel inside,
Andy you complete me this is why.

My sweet darling I would die for you,
Without a thought,
Lay down my life for you.
You are the only thing that means everything to me.

Love and admiration is what you bestow,
This is the love I only ever want to know.

No matter if the sun doesnt ever shine
Or if the skies are never blue,
I know my life begins with the one and only you.

I'll be your harbor thats always there for you,
I'll be the shelter that will shade you.
I want to be all that you ever desire or need,
I would do anything to make you happy all you have to do is ask me.

I want to lovingly dry your tears,
Hold you tight and release your fears.
Gawd a love such as this is so overwhelming and true,
I know that you see this in all that I do.

My love for you words alone cannot say,
It will never perish or fade away .

Be patient my love and hold on,
Because what we have is beyond strong.
There's gonna be no more storms,
'Cause we know a dream is being born.

My heart and soul you truly see,
Our love I definately believe.

No matter what they tell us,
No matter what they do,
No matter what they teach us,
What we believe is true.

No matter what or where the roads may lead,
I know this, YOU are all that I need.

My heart is yours I hope that you see...
Close your eyes sweetie,
Look into your heart that's where I'll be.

Love Ya Always As Always, Red

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