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Your Friend RED

I can remember when I was a special friend,
And your love for me was never gonna come to an end.
When seeing my name brightened your day,
And touched your heart in some special little way.

I knew you were busy as you have your life and I have mine,
But you always said Hi or emailed, my point is you made the time.
I enjoy being your friend and that's what I'll always be,
In my heart you made your way and in my life you'll always be.

When you have problems I'm always there,
And with you, your burdens I want to share.
I want to help you to see your problems you can bare,
Because you have a true friend that really does care.

So please don't pull me close to your heart,
Allow me in your life to be a part.
Then on your list of names let mine just blend in,
'Cause this hurt is hard to mend.

There isn't a day that has gone by that you haven't entered my mind,
I worry and wonder how you are and why you dont make the time.
All I'm asking is for 5 minutes of you time every now and then,
Just drop in or email your good 'ole friend.

Don't let me be a name of the past,
'Cause I offer friendship and love that will last.
Now that you've listened to what I've said,
Remember I love you and if you ever need me just holler,
Your Friend RED

~ Terena ~

Another "Original Poem" from  GoAheadRED!




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