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By RED ©


My heart beats faster as time gets nearer.
My mind goes crazy and fills with excitement and fear.
My body is quivering and is filled with desire.
Your love and passion set me on fire.

The thought of you using those wonderful hands,
Is more than my thoughts can stand!!!!!!!
How can this be?
I just can't make myself see,
How could this happen so quick and so fast?
The man of my dreams with love that will last.

Each minute I spend with you,
Leaves me feeling lonely and blue.
Because when we are apart,
I'm still thinking of you.
I can't stand it that were apart,
It kills me and breaks my heart.

The love I have for you grows more with each day,
And I hope that you feel the same way.
The longing that I have to be in your arms,
To be held tight and feel your charm.
To feel your soul uniting with mine,
To let the love go and feel it shine.

You have been sent to me from above,
And to you I promise only to love.
These feelings for you grow more with each day.
The words I have cannot express what I am trying to say.
Only that I love you more than you'll ever know,
So open your heart and let your love flow.

I love you baby.
That's all I can say,
And that I will continue to love you more,
With each and ever day...
Muuahhhhhhhh I hope that you can see,
I will love you endlessly.


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