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By Anonymous
This is the first poem that was ever been written to me.
And I want to thank this wonderful person from the bottom of my heart.


My love for you is so strong and true,
Like the mountains that stretch to the skies so blue.
For infinity will my love for you last,
It will seem like it was just a short time passed.

With every fiber of my soul I will love you,
This I know is the way it will be,
For my love for you,
Will last through eternity.

I have searched for a love so passionate and deep,
This love of ours I know is for keeps.
Forever have I searched in life and in my dreams,
I have no doubt that you were meant for me.

God has sent you to me this I know,
For when it rains its the tears of Angels that flow.
You have touched my heart in so many places,
When I think of you my heart races.

My love for you will forever be my sweet,
For you I know are my one.
.....and soulmate.

From Terena©

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