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The Final Chapter To The Romance Series


I guess its time to say goodbye, and I promised myself that I wouldn't cry. You have chosen what path to take. Even if it causes pain and heartache.

Someone had to be hurt, and it might as well be me, Because I always give my love too free. Of all people, I didn't think you were full of bull. But I guess in every man there's the urge to be cruel. Just another notch in your stick. Just another joyride for your precious dick.

I really believed each word that you confided. That made my heart thump and excited. I thought I'd found the someone with whom I could trust my heart. But as gullible as I was it fell apart.

I can't express my disbelief in the way you have done Where did this dishonest other side come from??. When you looked in my eyes and promised all that you did. I really felt like an eager little kid. A child is vulnerable and eager to trust. Event if that faith someone busts.

Each tear that I will shed, Will be filled with remorse and dread. Dread to start all over agian. How do I do it? Where do I begin?.

My heart will take time to mend. To be able to trust. I don't think I will ever again. I guess that's why the sayings go... "LIVE AND LEARN", "PLAY WITH FIRE AND YOU WILL GET BURNED".

You have put me in such dismay. I can't believe it's turned out this way. All the promises of being together one day. All have vanished, and blown away.

I only have these few things to say. I never thought that you would do me this way. All the plans and dreams, are like a nightmarish scream.

The uniqueness of your trusting words. Were to me like the beautiful song of a bird, Like the moons reflection on a sparkling lake. Only if I'd known that you were a fake.

Oh well life goes on, Even if you feel all alone. I wish you the best things in life, And I do hope that one day you'll have a wife. One that you love with all your heart, and I hope that you'll never be apart.

I wish you all the happiness that Life can give, And the best life that could ever be lived. But never agian will I promise, To be open caring loving and honest.

I will eventually get over you!, And my memories of us will be very few. I am a very good person and I will grow, And I will find that one and only love that will make my eyes glow.

One day you will be the one to look back and say, "Well I wish I hadn't have done her that way". You will want a second chance, And I wont spare the time to give you a glance! Because I will find what I need, And no longer will by heart bleed.

See Ya, Wouldn't want to be Ya!!! LOVE ME

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