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Poems for Special People in My Life
by RED ......

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This poem was written to my patients at a convalescent center that I worked at back in 92.

Your Love by Red

I've seen your eyes how very sad,
And I know how it makes me feel so bad.
I don't really know what to do,
To keep you from being so lonely and blue.

I don't know much about your life,
Are you a mother or a wife?
What did you used to do for a living?
And were you always so kind and giving?

You really make me wonder,
What made you happy when you were younger.
What always seemed to brighten your day?
After hard long hours of earning your pay.

Your heart is filled with so much glee,
If only you would open it and set it free.

People think my job is just a job,
But to them my heart would give a great big throb.
That's not my view at all,
Because I can sit and recall,
Some very special times we share,
That makes my heart have a big tear.

To me you are very dear,
And I will always hold you near.

I know my love isn't family tied,
And that makes me want to sigh.
But I want you to see,
That you fill my heart with glee.

I know we all have good and bad days,
But its always your special little ways,
That seem to brighten up my days.

I want you to know,
That my love for you could only grow.
There's a place in my heart,
that only you could fill that part.

You've touched me in a special way,
And to you I could never be able to repay!
But Ill try my best to you I promise,
To be open caring loving and honest.

For you your love I will cherish,
and my love for you will never perish.
So when you see me filled with Glee!
Know that its you that makes my love So Free.


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This poem was written to a very special woman that is more than a Friend to me she is my second Mom(Donna)

Just Wanted To Say by Red

I just wanted to say,
You've helped me in so many ways.
You've lifted my spirits and my heart,
And I'm glad in my life your a special part.

You can see something in me,
That very few people take the time to see.
You've made me have faith that I thought I had lost,
That Id yearned to regain no matter the cost.

Thank you for the time you have spared,
To talk, listen and understand, and to care.
You've enhanced my life and have given me hope,
You've made me feel special, and that I could cope.

You've made me see that there are still,
People on this earth,
That can help renew your life, like a second birth.

I want you to know that I will be there,
If you need to talk, someone who will care.
A true friend is very hard to find,
And I want to thank you for being mine.

Love ya Donna just like you were my mom.....

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This poem was written to a very special teacher that I had for Human Resources and Development Class Mrs.Sarah Altman:

Learn and Grow by Red

School is a place where you learn and grow,
Where you let your brainstorms flow.

But I have learned that its much more than books,
It's been a experience that people often overlook.

When you have a teacher that's so very dear,
That helps you deal with all your fear.
When I am in despair,
I think of her tender loving care.

When I think of her charm and glee,
I think of all the changes,
That she encouraged in me.

When I thought my paths were set,
She helped me to examine where I was at.
What decisions I had made,
Were not within myself an acceptable grade.

I don't know what life holds,
But I do know now I can be bold.

My lesson was so valuable,
That I can never repay.
This special someone,
Who's made me happy and gay.

When she looked across the room,
And saw my curious eyes,
She looked happy and yet surprised.

This special someone has given me,
Something that can't be found in a book.
She has given me a piece of her heart,
And that's something in which I'm glad I took part.

I hope that in some way ,one day,
This special person I will be able to repay.....

.....Love Terena

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This poem was written for and to a wonderful patient of mine that I became really fond of.. Mrs.Hurst

I Love You Mrs. Hurst by Red

When I first met you,
My heart was very saddened.
But as I got to know you,
My heart was uplifted and gladdened.

Do you know just what you mean to me?
Do you know what you've done to me?

I met a wonderful person one day,
Who made me happy when I brightened her day.
We had so much love to share,
Because we both had found someone who would care.

Even though you're old,
And I am young.
You're life has been full.
And mine's only just begun.
We both have learned so much,
We've both used each other as a crutch.

We've both spilled our hearts,
And in each others life,we've became apart.
We've both lended an ear.
Our eyes have both filled with tears.

And as each day passes by,
When were together time seems to fly.
And though you may not know.
My love for you seems only to grow.

You have became a special person in my life,
And I'll be here through heartaches and all the strife.
I'll be here for you,
Even when the skies are blue,
I'll be here when clouds are grey.
Because from now on,
Only good times are headed our way.

I know you aren't related to me,
But you have given so much so free.
I'll always have you in my heart,
And in my life you'll always be a part.

I thank God for my job,
Because of people like you,
Who make my heart throb.

I'm glad I have a friend that is so dear!
And I'll always hold you near...

I love you Mrs. Hurst

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