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This was written to a very special patient of mine.
Annie Blaine ......

In loving memory of Annie Blaine who passed away in 1998

Would You Be? by Red©

Grandmothers, I had two.
One of whom I'll never forget,
And one I never knew.

I can only imagine her beautiful laughter,
Like the song of a bird,
The beautiful warm laughter,
I've never heard.
The gentleness of her warm touch,
The warmness that I long for very much.

The Grandmother that I'll never forget,
Was always there,
To hold me and love me,
And show me that she would always care.

She was a big part in my complicated life,
And since she is gone,
It causes me great heartache and strife.

If I could pick another grandmother,
She would have a heart of gold,
She would be very bold.
She would always be there for me,
To give her love open and free.
No matter what the problem,
She would understand,
She would be there to lift me up,
And hold my hand.

She would help me,
And I would help her,
To get through each day,
Even if we had to kneel,
To our knees and pray.
She would be loving and true,
And that is what I've found in you.

I want to ask you if you would care,
If a part of your life you would spare.
And take it upon yourself to take this part.
So to you, I could give my heart.

You are the grandmother that i would love to say,
This is my dear grandmother Annie Mae...
I do love you - Terena


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