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God please if this is my calling,
Hold my hand and keep me from falling.
Lift me up and hold me steady,
Until you feel I'm good and ready.

Touch my heart and help it to mend,
Through all the heartaches you're gonna send.
Help me to stand, be firm and tall,
Through all the hardships, trials and all.

Help me make it through the doubtful days,
Lead me and guide me in your righteous ways.
When the skies are dark, and the clouds are grey,
Be with me and enlighten my days.

Help me to be patient and to endure,
The things at the time that may seem obscure.
Help me to touch someones heart,
So their life you could fill that empty part.

Help me to touch someones needy life.
So we can help them through their strife.
Enter my body and be my soul,
Just take over and be in control.

Work through me with all your might,
As if I had wings and you took flight.
Be my master and I'll agree,
To open my heart and set your love free.

To touch hearts and affect souls,
together as one we'll reach our goal.
I'll close my hands and kneel to my knees,
I'll close my eyes and my mind will freeze.
To thank my God for helping me see,
That giving love isn't so easily.

So to you I'll greatly owe,
Now my eyes are all a glow.
To you my God I'll proudly say,
You're the one that guides my way.

I thank the one that is above,
for always showing and giving his love.

By Terena ©

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