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Thank You

All the times that I cried,
Your love and faith did abide.
Your wonderful ways of reassurance,
Built me up to my strength and endurance.

You were always there,
To love me and show me that you care.
Your tender and loving ways,
Were my strength to make it through each day.

My trust and love you have earned,
For this wonderful love is what my heart has yearned.
This love is so special and True,
To cherish it and adore it I promise you.

These thoughts are just what's on my mind,
And I want to thank you 'cause you're one of a kind.

I promise I will never break your heart,
And in my heart you'll always be a part.
I love you and will more with each passing day,
And I truly hope you feel the same way
......................Love You Babe.

By Terena©

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