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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Steve

Dear Tathagata

I would like you to tell me when you predict the end of the world, how will it end and will every single living thing die ?

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Steve

The end of the one world happens periodically, it has happened from long time ago. I know when and how it will come but I shouldn't speak to the public because it will cause a chaos in human world. The phenomenon will be led by the imbalance of gravity zone. A crack of gravity zone causes the destruction of balance of gravity. All the civilizations will disappear in a moment by tsunami, earthquake and crustal transformations, and volcanoes. The most fatal cause will be the tsunami that will be over 1000 metres high. Most of creatures are to be exterminated.


Further Question from Steve 30.11.05

Dear Tathagata,

Thank you for your answer, but is this the same phenomena that ended the dinosaurs ?
Will any human beings survive and is there any parts of the planet which are less or more vulnerable, such as the North pole or on the equator, or higher ground or far inland, how long will it last, hours.. days.. weeks. months or years.. and does Tathagata know the exact date this will happen.


Answer From Tathagata

Dear Steve

1 If somebody ask me which area is the safer from the wave of changing period I have to check lots of matters before my answer. I can say there is no place on earth that will be free from influences and waves of the phenomena of changing period.

2 I can't tell you the exact day. It can be one year before or one year later from my answer. It's impossible for me to calculate exact day with my information at the moment. I make it the principle not to give answer to the public because of huge confusion except very special case for example I can verify it for special organisations.