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Q121 From Cat - 10.04.08

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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Cat

Dear Tathagata,

Subject: Enlightenment Teacher

I am interested in finding an enlightenment teacher. I didn't know that I could request one. I was always told that when I am ready, a teacher will come.

I desire only to become enlightened. Earthly desires have lost their meaning to me.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Cat,

There is nothing to be done without relation. Therefore, a result of good thing or bad thing is just different by relation. And if you really want to attain Enlightenment and I can meet you while I'm alive, I can answer all of parts of what you want to know. I've travelled countless places in the world for 20 years and wherever I went, I met many Guru who guided people and the people said their Guru is enlightened being but there was no Guru who answered what I asked them of things in the present. So, there was no one who attained Enlightenment but almost them used dead souls. I found that dead souls usually gathered where people gathered and at famous places.