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Enlightenment Questions- Question from Indrajit

Dear Tathagata,

My question to you is, as I read in your site, that "karma" is trying to conquer our soul. In my present, very unfortunate circumstances I feel that "karma" has attained victory over my soul and I will never realize in I am seeing all the activities of my life in this world cycle has already being created for the next one which obviously mean this creation itself has also been created and it goes on then very obviously in an endless loop.

I believe you'd agree that this IS possible. The question I am facing now is, is there a way to come out of a situation like this?

My highest respects for you for the Buddha I see in your photo as in the site.

Indrajit Paul from Calcutta, India.

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Indrajit

It is possible for anybody to be free from karma only when they awaken themselves. In order to awaken oneself ,one should meet an enlightened teacher but everybody finds that to encounter the enlightened teacher is so rare.