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Enlightenment Messages From Tathagata - The End of The World

 Dear Brothers,

When I open my eyes I become exhausted. The reason why this is happening to me is because I can see things in the world. Because of this I have a great burden which nobody else is able to carry.

Whenever I open my mouth everybody turns their back and wherever I call I come up against a brick wall. I have to live by receiving cold treatment and being ignored and not welcomed anywhere.

The reason why I have to endure these experiences and I have to look for you is because the way of mankind is in you. I feel this hardship for things of the world because this era is stepping into a changing period and within 20 years* the present mankind has to make way for the new world. This is happening everywhere and can be seen through everything since the world existed.

The reason why the living world has existed for a long time before us is because everything has a principle in itself which lets itself exist and also the reason why the changing period has to exist in this age is because such a thing has to happen sometime.

My activity is to reveal this in details to you and to give new choice for the hope which is in you and the future of the new world.

For the sake of this I am able to answer questions to problems which nobody else could solve until now.
I came to your world for this work and had to live in you. I ask for your direct confirmation about the contents of this message and I encourage your participation towards saving yourself and mankind.

I would like to answer these things.

In the world, there is a principle. This principle never changes as long as the world exists.
All the answers are determined and truths can only be confirmed through problems.

The prophecy that there is The End in this age has been passed down for a long time. This phenomenon occurs during the process that a world moves to a new world and results themselves are to be made by the problems which exist inside of us.

The reason why the risk that the present mankind has, is higher than that of the past mankind , is that things that are being conducted are much more serious. This fact causes all the lives that survive in the world to be exterminated and mankind to be fallen into danger.

In order to solve this thing, the truth of the problem which makes this thing exist, must be revealed and fundamental things in everything must be revealed.

Under the present circumstances, there are not any other ways except this and we do not have enough time for this either. Nonetheless, the reason why we still have hope is that all the decisions can change any time depending on what is and the way to save ourselves lies in ourselves.

I am receiving questions about the contents that are written here. To those who want to know the truth of these contents, I will give a more detailed explanation.

*Written in 1999

Please view this question from Steve - to continue with this subject.

Dear Tathagata

I would like you to tell me when you predict the end of the world, how will it end and will every single living thing die ?

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Steve
The end of the one world happens periodically, it has happened from long time ago. I know when and how it will come but I shouldn't speak to the public because it will cause a chaos in human world. The phenomenon will be led by the imbalance of gravity zone. A crack of gravity zone causes the destruction of balance of gravity. All the civilizations will disappear in a moment by tsunami, earthquake and crustal transformations, and volcanoes. The most fatal cause will be the tsunami that will be over 1000 metres high. Most of creatures are to be exterminated. ....full question here

(c) Enlightenment Of Tathagata

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