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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Brenda

Dear Tathagata,

I am reading through your messages and I notice you say repeatedly that in order for someone to become enlightened, they must find an enlightened teacher and that this is rare. To me, this conveys a message that they (people wishing to find enlightenment), don’t stand much of a chance of achieving their enlightenment. In addition, while seeking a teacher is ONE way, it’s not the only way.
My personal opinion is that all it takes is intent, and then attention to what one’s intent brings into their experience.
While I am not an Enlightened One, such as yourself, I do consider myself enlightened and awake, and I have understanding. All of this I reached with my own intent and efforts – no teacher (except in the sense that everyone and everything we encounter has potential to teach us about ourselves and the nature of the Universe).
I do like your site and what you are doing, so it will be my pleasure to share your site with my visitors.
On another note, one question on your site drew my attention more than the rest and that is about the “end of the world”. I have come to believe we as humanity have circumvented that original plan of destruction and have entered into “Plan B” where we are creating a new world. Yet while I have this belief, I have also been having dreams of the actual, physical end of the world and in all of them I am one of the few survivors and have a knowing that I am left to help build a new humanity.
I have a unique dreaming system in which I often have precognitive dreams, some symbolic and some literally, so this series of dreams has me worried and question whether to believe my dreams, or my own beliefs. While I do have a strong dream system, recent happenings in my life revealed that I may have been way off in my own dream interpreting, causing a major identity and faith crisis within me.
I guess my question is what do you see about humanity having already circumvented the physical end of the world and about remaining survivors? And if I may ask a personal question, just how off am I in interpreting dreams? Do I think I know more than I actually do?
Thank you for all you are doing. I will support your efforts.


Answer From Tathagata

Dear Brenda,

Thank you for your kindness.
It is possible to stop dreaming. But at this moment I am unable to help you because I do not have any contact to you. As long as I am not conscious of you I can not help you. If I have more chance to know you it will be possible.
I make it my principle not to mention the end of the world as possible as I can. However I reluctantly answer as you asked that. The end was a sort of phenomenon which had existed in the process for endless world, and it happens in the world periodically. In order to know the future we should search the past but there is no record of the past in this world.That's why it is quite difficult to explain it to you so that you can understand from your view. If you really want to know with any particular sense of duty I can answer more in detail.