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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Michael

Dear Tathagata,

I believe the world will change(end) in this era, and our current life will be replaced. I have three main fears due to this change.
Please teach me how to see beyond these fears.

1) I am young, 19 years of age, I have not yet experienced many things in this world. And I am afraid I will not have enough time to fulfill my wishes(includes material wishes) before this world ends.

2) I know I am not enlightened enough to see/understand my own Karma. I am afraid I don't know what I should do, what I should prepare before the change of era.

3) I see images in my sleep, I will see the images fulfil them selves later in time when I wake up. What is this phenomena telling me? Should I be afraid?

Thank you for your mission.

Hopefully yours


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Michael

1 Human beings can not fulfill everything they want even if there is no changing period. If you want to obtain something you have to know how you can get them for yourself. You need to know where is what you want and what kind of understanding, or what kind of teaching, when you understand fully the teaching and practice what is in the teaching then you will obtain one by one. You didn't tell me what you want exactly, so please observe yourself and try to find the concrete wish, later if you want to know the way to fulfill them I can show you the way.

2 It's not possible for anyone to suppress their own Karma or being free from influences of their karma, however things in the world have been determined and what is determined is created and changed by the matters, that's why first of all you have to confirm which way you want to go and what kind of teaching you need to awake yourself. If you give your questions continuously about the teachings I will give you my answers, then you will find the way that you want, you will find the way in yourself.

3 Tell me the fact, what sort of image have you seen, and when and what have you experienced in daytime regarding the image, then I will explain to you how it could happen to you and if it will influence you or not, and how you can prevent yourself from bad effect.