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Enlightenment Questions  - Question From Nexarius

Reply if you think you could, or if you feel you should.
Are humans Evil by nature?
Questions to ponder
If yes,
- What constitutes evil?
- Why are we evil?
- How is it natural opposed to nurture?
If no,
- What constitutes evil?
- Why aren't we evil?
- How is it natural opposed to nurture?

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Nexarius,

If you have another chance to send me your question,try to make it easier,please.
There are evil and good in the world because there are ignorance and enlightenment in the world. When you know a thing it is easy for you to do good voluntarily . When you don't know a thing it is difficult for you to do good. That's why you put yourself into evil simply. I hope that you will be able to understand that ignorance is the cause of evil while enlightenment is the cause of good.