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Enlightenment Questions - Question from Marcello

In this world today, it is hard to believe there is one person who feels he is more enlightened than the other.
An answer could be that it is our own fear inside 'we' have to put aside, but still -or just because of that- 'we' (in general) will treat this one like some crazy guy.
Because everybody today is after someone else's money, we have to be careful about commercial hidden agenda's. This too doesn't help in the propagation of the message.
This person could do some magic tricks to proof he is the one, but still he wouldn't be believed. This person could speak some wise words, but eventually everybody can. etc.
Eventually (almost) everyone knows what is good for the world, but 'we' hold on to the short-term solutions.

In short: We are stuck in our own mud! And while we want to believe, we are too afraid to do so, and too afraid to admit it.

1. How can we know you are the one, and how does that help us.
2. How can we break out of our chains, while we not have to give up our short-term safety.
3. How is your presence received in the (divers) Buddhist community.
4. Are you introducing new teachings, or are the existing sutra’s sufficient (any suggesting on which one)
5. Can you do some magic tricks, like predicting a large meteor hit at the moon or something.
6. What is your suggested method for people to get Enlightenment one small step at a time.
7. Is there still hope?

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Marcello

1) You will know me through your efforts on checking up. The enlightened one can show the ways to fulfill human wishes.
2) Could you tell me what ties you concretely
3) Good question. The Buddhist community, other religions and everybody in the world had better to know this fact. There is a huge difference between the existing Buddhism and Buddha's teaching. That's why my teaching is not received by them. As long as they have their own teachings nobody will accept Buddha's teaching.
4) I teach what is. People do not see what is in themselves. I tell the principle so that they can see what is. I work for their awakening by telling the matters and examples so that they can confirm what is in the principle.
5) I just see how the world works. I do not deceive others or use magical power.
6) Try to observe, check and realise how the thing come into being through what is in yourself
7) Hope of what? Hope always exists . However there will be differences to spend time to fulfill their wishes. It depends on the matter. So tell me what kind of hope do you mean?


Further Response from Marcello

Dear Tathagata

Thank you for your answers, I am delighted to be able to talk with you. All the people should be delighted. But the question is: are they really?

1a) Your personal history says enough. Breaking those 'walls' is a problem with two solutions: Enlightenment of pain and see beyond, or be hurt in pain and just see the pile of dust.

1b) I think fulfilment of wishes has everything to do with the right attention. What do you think?

2) What ties me personally and concretely are the rules made by others, mainly government-rules. For example: We are not allowed to build a home at any empty spot. We are basically not allowed to trade between two people, without making profit and thus taxes.. etc. There are too many rules. For example; the laws of justice could be reduced by half by just having: "a person may not harm another on purpose."

3)...I see. So, the same problem exists within world-religion: There are too many rules, while the most of the original teachers didn't make them.

4) Most people do not see what is in themselves, because they are only concerned about the visible benefits: People do see what is in their wallet. And that's why it is so dark, and not enlightened.

When you want to change something you need power. Unless all the people in the world try to make the world better respectively, it cannot be sure when the good world will come. If we don't try and if we don't act to get something good, we can't promise when the good thing will exist in the world.
[--end quote--]
Could point, but do you have a solution about how to reach people who are not willing to make the world a better place for all?

5) :-) If I didn't try making that question, I wouldn't have known the answer. Does the "end of time"-scenario have something to do with the Maya-calendar?

6) Is this the same?: By the universal law of cause & effect you have to observe to see (the light), instead of restraining oneself and get stuck (in the dark)

7) I mean the kind of hope that there is still time for all people to get enlightened in this lifetime, and therefore/implicitly change karma?


Answer from Tathagata

The wall exists because of karma. The enlightened being is free from his karma while the ordinary people have their karma. That's why we have a different view. In order to remove the wall they should leave everything they have or I should do. But it is impossible for me to accept falsehood because I am already enlightened. If they try hard to awaken themselves to be enlightened the wall between us will be removed. However it is not easy for everyone.
Maya calender is quite believable, but they failed to calculate the accurate cycle even if it is not so big. There are 6-7 years differences of time.
Somebody can achieve an enlightenment in short time, somebody not. If you have a will it is possible. If you really have your intention to obtain the enlightenment it is very easy in the present circumstances. Because I can guide you to the way.
There are too many wishes that the humans have and they may be different, so people cannot fulfill their wishes through only right attention. That's why what I can do is that I inform them the effects . I can examine every matter and point out whether they are right or wrong, possible or impossible.
I emphasis again that your knowledge does not lead you there but you need unrestricted ability to apply it .